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Techy or gadget-obsessed people can be the hardest to shop for at Christmas: It can be tough to find cool tech Christmas gifts that they don't already own. And it can be even tougher to come up with tech gift ideas that don't completely blow your budget.

Whether you're looking for the latest and greatest that even the friend who has everything doesn't have yet or a budget-friendly gift that will actually impress the gadget-loving people on your list, we've got you covered.

We've put together a list of our favorite sports and fitness tech in 2023, featuring picks that work with just about every price point. Honestly, we're already jealous of the lucky giftees on your list who will be opening up one of these tech Christmas gifts this year.

The best tech gifts of 2023 to get for sports and fitness fans this Christmas

From the latest VR headset by Meta (and an immersive NFL game to go with it) to smartwatches and bone conduction headphones, these are some of the most unique tech gift ideas on the market this year.

A way for football fans to get even more immersed in the game: Meta Quest 3 with NFL Pro Era II


The latest VR headset from Meta, the Meta Quest 3 features upgraded hardware for crisper, smoother visuals and immersive 3D graphics and sound. For fitness enthusiasts, the VR headset and haptic controllers offer a fun, new way to burn calories. The headset works with hundreds of VR games that let you turn your gaming session into a workout.

This VR gaming headset comes bundled with Asgard's Wrath 2, but we recommend pairing this gift with the new NFL Pro Era II. Just released this fall, the VR game is updated for the 2023 season so you can become the QB of your favorite team. It also adds multiplayer options, so pick up a headset for yourself as well as your giftee and go head-to-head to on the field. For anyone on your list who already owns a VR headset, the game also makes a great last-minute gift idea since you can send them a virtual copy to start playing right away.

You can get the new Meta Quest 3 headset with two Touch Plus controllers and "Asgard's Wrath 2" for $500. Then, add the NFL Pro Era II game for $30.

Why we chose the Meta Quest 3

  • The slimmer, redesigned headset is also made to be more comfortable to wear as you move.
  • 4K Infinite Display tech delivers ultra-realistic graphics.
  • The built-in speakers have been upgraded to offer high fidelity audio, better bass, and an improved surround sound experience.

Buy the Meta Quest 3 and "Asgard's Quest 2" VR bundle:

$500 at Amazon

Buy the NFL Pro ERA II VR game:

$30 at Meta

Also popular this holiday season: The previous gen Meta Quest 2. The resolution is slightly lower, and it doesn't have as powerful a processor as the Quest 3, but this bundle is the most affordable way to get someone into VR gaming this holiday season. It starts at just $249, reduced from $299.

249 at Amazon

A high-tech winter jacket for outdoorsy people: Ororo heated jacket


On the surface, the Ororo heated jacket bears all the hallmarks of an excellent winter jacket. The 100% polyester exterior is durable, windproof, and water resistant. The interior boasts a cozy and soft fleece lining. But what truly sets this jacket apart from all other winter jackets is the carbon fiber heating elements hiding underneath the fleece lining.

Located across the chest and back area, these heating coils can be turned on by pressing the button in the top left corner, disguised as an embossed Ororo logo. Even cooler, the battery packs that powers those heating coils use a standard USB port. So, in a pinch, you can plug your phone into the spare battery pack to charge it.

The high tech heated jacket has earned over 5,700 5-star ratings on Amazon. Right now, you can get it for just $110 (reduced from $200).

Why we chose the Ororo heated jacket:

  • It comes with a drawstring hem, detachable hood and a collar that stands up to help block wind from getting in.
  • It can be set to temperatures ranging from 100 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The coils reach your preferred heat setting quickly.
  • The battery packs can last up to 10 hours, depending on what setting you use.
$110 at Amazon

For gamers: Sony PlayStation 5 slim gaming bundle


One of the hottest gifts of the season is the PlayStation 5. The latest gaming console from Sony boasts upgraded 4K graphics, lightning fast load times and tons of PS5-exclusive games that gamers have been waiting for all year. The new slim model packs all that Sony PS5 goodness into a smaller, sleeker package.

Pair it with a copy of the latest Madden NFL 24 for football fans; NBA 2K24 for basketball fans, or EA Sports FC 24 for soccer fans.

Right now, you can save on the new slim PlayStation 5 when you bundle it with one of the hottest new (and exclusive) games this year: "Spider-Man 2" or "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III." Bought separately, you'd pay $560 for the new console and the PS5 game. But when you bundle them, you can get both for just $499. 

Get the Spider-Man 2 Slim PS5 bundle:

$499 at Amazon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III bundle:

$499 at Amazon

An AI-powered personal trainer: Peloton Guide


The Peloton Guide uses its built-in camera and advanced machine learning to track and analyze your movements while you work out. It uses that data to give you personalized feedback and guidance on how to improve your workout.

Whether you're lifting weights, doing yoga, or following along with one of more than 500 movement tracker-enabled classes on the Peloton app, this Peloton Guide can help you get more out of your workouts.

Right now, you can get the AI-powered personal training device for half off on Amazon. Regularly priced at $195, it's available for a limited time for just $95.

Why we chose the Peloton Guide:

  • The compact camera uses machine learning to analyze your form and movement to give real-time, personalized feedback.
  • With a Guide membership (up to five users), get access to more than 500 tracker-enabled workouts.
  • The Peloton Guide tracks your workouts, counts your reps and helps you set personalized fitness goals.
  • Get AI-powered recommendations on how to improve your form and which workouts to do next.
$95 at Amazon

For golfers during the off-season: Phigolf2 golf simulator


The Phigolf2 simulator is the ideal gift for golfers who won't be able to play at their favorite course now that the weather is getting colder. The weighted club has built-in sensors and Bluetooth connectivity that analyzes your swing while providing the realistic feel of swinging and striking.

Phigolf 2 comes with multiple apps featuring dozens of virtual courses so you can perfect your swing while playing on some of the best courses around the world. It's a great way to scratch that itch for playing golf in the off-season as well as keeping up your skills so you don't get rusty by the time you're able to play a round on a real course again.

You can get the 4-star rated golf simulator on Amazon for $299.

Why we chose the Phigolf2 golf simulator:

  • 3D data analytics give you real-time feedback on your swing to improve your game.
  • Play on your own or join other users in online virtual tournaments or friendly games.
$299 at Amazon

A rep-counting jump rope for under $25: Renpho smart jump rope


This smart jump rope tracks your skips, speed, calories burned and time spent jump roping. It also has three workout modes: free jump, time countdown and skip countdown. The latter two let you set a target time or number of skips and then your jump rope will alert you when you hit your goal.

This makes it a great gift for strength trainers looking for a good cardio option, or for any fitness enthusiast who wants a home workout option that doesn't take up space.

Right now, you can get the 4.4-star rated smart jump rope on Amazon for $20 (reduced from $30).

Why we chose the Renpho Smart Jump Rope:

  • This high-tech jump rope can track your skips, calories and time spent jumping.
  • Connect it with the Renpho Health app to get access to group jump rope challenges and see your workout stats and history.
  • The rope itself is adjustable so you can extend or shorten as needed without cutting it.
$20 at Amazon

A smartwatch for metrics-obsessed runners: Coros Pace 3


The Coros Pace 3 packs tons of advanced running metrics that both beginner and elite marathoners will love. But its standout feature is probably its navigation system. Not only can you map your run and get back-to-start navigation when you're ready to head home, but you'll also get deviation alerts when you stray from the route you're following.

You can get alerts when your pace, heart rate or other metrics go above or below your target during the run so you can adjust accordingly to get the best results.

The advanced runner's smartwatch is $229 on Amazon.

Why we chose the Coros Pace 3:

  • The battery lasts up to 38 hours with activity tracking and full GPS or 24 days with normal daily use.
  • The watch can track heart rate, VO2 Max, training load, threshold zones, recovery, fatigue and more key performance and health metrics.
  • Get access to training plans and workouts you can follow from your watch.
  • The built-in race predictor estimates what your finish time will be and provides a pace estimator to help you decide what pace to target during the marathon.
$229 at Amazon

For golfers ready to take their game to the next level: Callaway golf 300 Pro Rangefinder


We're big fans of the Callaway Golf 300 Pro slope laser rangefinder, and CBS Sports readers are too. With good reason. This 4.7-star rated range finder is from one of golf's top brands and features 6x magnification for a range of 5-1,000 yards and pin-locking technology so you can hone in on a pin up to 300 yards away. It measures incline and decline to calculate slope adjusted distance.

For any golfer who's always trying to improve their game or just wants to make sure they're always picking the right club for each shot, it's hard to beat the Callaway Golf 300 Pro. Regularly priced at $300, this Amazon best-seller is just $170 on Amazon right now.

$170 at Amazon

A last-minute Christmas gift for fitness enthusiasts: Apple Fitness+ subscription


With an Apple Fitness+ subscription, you get access to a huge catalog of workout videos across multiple popular categories like dance, strength training, cycling, yoga, running, and more. New videos are added regularly so you'll always have something new to try when you're ready to switch up or level up your workout.

This is a great gift to pair with a new Apple Watch 9 or a quick, last-minute gift idea that still feels thoughtful for anyone who has an Apple device. The app works well with other Apple Watch accessories, too, if you need more ideas for the Apple users on your list. 

A subscription costs $9.99 per month. 

Why we chose Apple Fitness+:

  • Follow audio-guided workouts and meditations from your Apple Watch without your phone.
  • Customize which metrics are displayed on your watch during your workout.
  • View the Burn Bar, a way to compare your calories burned to other users.
  • Explore tons of trainer-guided workout videos so you never get bored.
$10 at Apple

Headphones that work underwater for swimmers: Shokz OpenSwim


These 4.3-star rated bone conduction headphones were built specifically for swimmers. Not only are they IP68 waterproof, but they also come with 4GB of built-in memory storage. That means you can download all your favorite songs, podcasts or entire audiobooks directly to the headphones so you can listen even when you're underwater where a Bluetooth signal can't reach.

If you're working out on dryland, that built-in memory is a cool feature that could save you from having to lug your phone along with you on a run. Just download your music, slap on your fitness tracker to track the workout and head out.

The swim-proof bone conduction headphones are 20% off on Amazon right now. Get a pair for just $120 (reduced from $150).

Why we chose the Shokz OpenSwim:

  • Bone conduction technology allows swimmers to hear their favorite music even while under water.
  • 4 GB of built-in memory lets you listen to your favorite songs or podcasts without being connected to your phone.
  • IP68 waterproof rating means you can swim laps underwater without damaging these headphones.
  • The battery lasts about eight hours on a single charge.
$120 at Amazon

Smart sunglasses that livestream your adventures: Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer smart glasses


Just released in October, these smart polarized sunglasses feature the iconic Ray-Ban style with cutting edge tech from Meta. A 12-megapixel camera built into the frame can take photos or livestream directly to Facebook and Instagram. Built-in open ear speakers and five mics let you listen to music, make calls and answer texts completely hands-free.

It's the perfect gift for the techy on your list or the outdoor adventurer who wants to capture their experiences even when they don't have any hands free to hold a phone or camera.

This top new release on Amazon is priced at $329.

Why we chose the Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer smart glasses:

  • These sunglasses feature all the latest smart glasses tech in a stylish design that looks like a classic pair of Ray Bans
  • With Meta AI, you can operate these glasses with voice commands.
  • The stylish leather glasses case doubles as a charging case, delivering up to 36 hours of battery life.
  • The frames come with a 12 MP camera, five mics and open-ear speakers.
$329 at Amazon

The smart water bottle they didn't know they needed: Hidrate Spark Pro Lite


Drinking as much water as you're supposed to in a day is easier said than done. The Hidrate Spark Pro Lite was designed to end that struggle. The color-changing bottom provides a visual reminder to stay hydrated by lighting up when it's time to take a sip.

A sensor on the bottom keeps track of how much water you drink and syncs that information to an app that you can install on your Apple Watch 8. You can also sync it with your Apple Health app to keep all your health and fitness data in one place.

Get the high-tech water bottle for $70 on Amazon.

Why we chose the Hidrate Spark Pro:

  • Set your own custom hydration goal or use the one automatically calculated for you based on personal details like weight, age, activity level and more.
  • Get reminders on your Apple Watch in case you don't notice your blinking bottle.
  • You can easily log other beverages you drink throughout the day from your watch.
$70 at Amazon

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