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Cyber Monday 2023 may have come and gone, but extended Cyber Monday deals are still coming in hot today. Online shoppers have one more chance to save thousands on the best sports TVs, get the latest fitness tech for up to 50% off and save big while upgrading their NFL gear or NBA gear with these extended Black Friday deals that are still on today.

From Walmart's Black Friday sale to the week-long, extended , we've found tons of remarkable Black Friday offers this week on our favorite sports and fitness items and brands. 

One of the most popular Black Friday deals this year was the new Apple Watch 9. Just released in September, it dropped to its lowest price ever last weekend, selling for as low as $330 (reduced from $400) at Amazon and Walmart. The deal was so good the Apple Watch sold out by Cyber Monday. So if you were still recovering from your food coma on Black Friday, you might have missed the deal.

Luckily, retailers have restocked since then and Amazon is offering select colorways of the new Apple Watch 9 at the same Black Friday price. So shoppers have a second chance to snag this deal.

$330 at Amazon

To give you a head start on your bargain hunt, we've rounded up all the very best Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals that are still going on. Keep reading to save on Samsung, Apple, Bowflex and other top-rated brands.

The best extended Black Friday TV and tech deals for sports fans

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the best times of year to upgrade your TV and home entertainment tech. From Samsung to LG, here are some of our favorite extended Cyber Monday TV deals for sports fans -- deals you can still get.

Samsung's Frame at Walmart (save up to 35%)


This sale on CBS Sports readers' favorite TV is one of the best extended Cyber Monday TV deals we've seen so far. 

The Frame is a brilliant high-resolution TV and work of art all in one. When you're not watching a show or movie, you can switch it to Art Mode to display an art collection of your choice or your own photos and artwork.

The unique frame and well-hidden cables make it look like a real framed work of art on your wall. And when Sunday rolls around, you can turn off Art Mode and watch the action in all its QLED 4K glory.

The TV features a matte display film that limits light distraction by reducing glare, giving you the best viewing angle for all your favorite shows and movies.

Prices start at $999 for the 50-inch size (reduced from $1,297). But the larger sizes are also on sale.

$999 and up

Get a 65" Samsung 4K smart TV ($398 at Walmart)


This 65-inch Samsung Class TU690T Crystal 4K TV is still on sale at Walmart after Cyber Monday -- you'll pay a mere $398 for it. This TV can be a nice addition to your living room, bedroom or any other room in your home that would benefit from a 65-inch, 4K smart TV.

You will see the blacks and whites continuously fine-tuned to provide the best contrast using Samsung's Direct Lit LED technology. Behind the screen are rows of LEDs that bring plenty of color and brightness to whatever shows, movies and -- and, of course, sports -- you're watching.

$398 at Walmart

Save when you bundle the new Sony Playstation 5 with a new PS5-exclusive game


One of the hottest gifts of the season (and yes, buying it for yourself still counts as a gift) is the PlayStation 5.

The latest gaming console from Sony boasts 4K graphics, lightning-fast load times and tons of PS5-exclusive games that gamers have been waiting for all year. If you've been holding off on a console upgrade, now is your chance with these extended Black Friday deals at Amazon and Walmart that let you save on a new PlayStation 5 when you bundle it with one of the hottest new (and exclusive) games this year: "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" or "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III."

Bought separately, you'd spend $60 on the game and $500 on the new PlayStation 5. But Amazon and Walmart both have an extended Black Friday deal going on right now that lets you bundle the game and the new console for just $499. Basically, you can upgrade your system and get the latest Spider-Man or Call of Duty game for free.

Get the Spider-Man 2 bundle for $499:

$499 at Amazon $499 at Walmart

Get the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III bundle for $499:

$499 at Amazon $499 at Walmart

Kodak Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Pico projector: $30 off


Whether you want to watch the game while traveling or camping, or want to display it on a larger screen, the Kodak Luma 150 Ultra Mini Projector is a small (3.1 x 3.1 x 0.87 inches) projector that offers big features. Turn your smartphone into a sports-viewing hub by connecting to this projector.

This projector is available at Amazon for $220 (reduced from $250).

$220 at Amazon

The best Cyber Monday smartwatch deals still going on

With deep discounts on the Apple Watch 9 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, now is the best time to get the latest smartwatch from your favorite brands. Here are the best Cyber Monday smartwatch deals available right now.

Fitbit's most advanced stress management watch: Fitbit Sense 2 ($50 off)


The Fitbit Sense 2 offers a Daily Stress Management Score, which gives insights into your body's reaction to stress and features mindfulness content to help lower stress levels.  

That score is based on a combination of heart rate, body temperature, breathing, and electrical currents on the surface of your skin. The Sense 2 is the only Fitbit that tracks your body response all day and alerts you when you might need to take a break. During that break, it can guide you through breathing exercises or meditations to help you de-stress.

At the end of the day, you'll get reports that show when your physical stress levels spiked and dropped, so you can better identify patterns around when, where and why you're feeling stressed.

This advanced smartwatch also tracks your sleep and gives you a daily readiness score based on your sleep quality, fitness level and workout history. The battery lasts over six days depending on activity.

Get the stress-busting sidekick while it's still on sale at Amazon for just $250 (reduced from $300).

$250 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: $70 off at Amazon


Just released in August 2023, the latest generation of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 features a longer battery life and a bigger display. It has built-in GPS and advanced health sensors like heart rate, temperature and more. It's got great sleep-tracking features and the ability to create custom workouts, too.

There are tons of everyday use features like Samsung Wallet, so you can pay with your watch and leave your wallet at home. You can also answer calls and texts right from your watch. So if you want a daily-use smartwatch as versatile as Apple's, you'll find a lot of the features you're looking for in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6.

The latest Galaxy Watch is having one of its first sales since it launched. Shoppers can get the 40mm version on Amazon for $228 this week (reduced from $300).

$228 at Amazon

Save over $60 on an advanced GPS smartwatch: Garmin Forerunner 745


Like other watches in the Garmin Forerunner line, the Forerunner 745 comes with daily workout suggestions and comprehensive fitness tracking features like cadence and breathing rate. Its goal is to help runners build up their strength, speed and endurance while avoiding some of the most common mistakes like overtraining, skipping recovery time or skipping cross-training.

The most notable addition that the Forerunner 745 brings is the ability to create round-trip courses for your run. Just set the distance you want to run and Garmin will generate suggested routes that bring you right back to your starting point. You have to make them in the app, but you can follow them from your watch. 

Built for beating your PRs, the Forerunner 745 also features on-wrist training effect feedback to show you how much aerobic or anaerobic benefit you're getting from your current workout. You can use that feedback to better balance your training between strength and cardio conditioning and identify which kind of exercise you need more of to become a more well-rounded runner.

One of many incredible Garmin deals we found, you can get the advanced running watch while it's still on sale at Amazon for just $338 (reduced from $400). 

$338 at Amazon

Extended Black Friday headphone deals

Whether you're catching up on game highlights in the morning or listening to your favorite playlist while you log miles on a treadmill, great headphones are essential. And right now is the best time to swap out your old pair for a premium set with all the latest tech and features by taking advantage of these incredible extended Black Friday headphone deals

Apple AirPods Pro 2 at their lowest price yet ($190 at Amazon)


The Apple AirPods Pro 2 recently got an upgrade, swapping the standard lightning charger with a USB-C charging case. The new charging can also plug into your new iPhone 15's USB-C charging base, so you can charge your AirPods in their case with your phone. They also got a durability upgrade, with an improved water- and dust-resistance rating of IP54. 

With Apple AirPods Pro 2, you can enjoy 3D spatial audio where available.

Amazon dropped the price of the new AirPods Pro 2 to just $190 (reduced from $249).  

$190 at Amazon

Sweat-proof Beats headphones: Beats Fit Pro (10% off)


Beats Fit Pro noise-canceling wireless earbuds feature three distinct listening modes: active noise canceling, transparency mode and adaptive EQ. Each offers powerful, balanced sound. These sweat and water-resistant earbuds deliver up to 6 hours of listening time per charge, and up to 24 hours with the wireless pocket-sized charging case.

In addition to the signature sound of Beats headphones, these earbuds are made for comfort -- the secure-fit wingtips are flexible.

During Cyber Week, you can get these 4.5-star rated earbuds on Amazon for just $180 (reduced from $200).

$180 at Amazon

Unrivaled noise-cancellation tech: Sony WF-1000XM5 (20% off)


Few other earbuds on the market come close to the Sony WF-1000XM5. The newest generation of Sony's premium earbuds add AI-powered noise cancelation that uses three mics on each earbud and machine learning to isolate background noises and cancel them out.

It also adds bone conduction sensors so that it can better isolate the user's voice from background chatter for crystal-clear calls and IPX4 water resistance to protect them through sweaty workouts.

The top-of-the-line headphones are on sale at Walmart for just $240 (reduced from $298).

$240 at Walmart

The best Cyber Monday home gym equipment deals you can still shop

Get a head start on your New Year's resolution with these incredible Cyber Monday home gym equipment deals you can get right now.

The original Peloton Bike: $1,095 ($350 off)


The Peloton Original Bike set the standard for premium stationary bikes. It features extensive resistance options and adjustable handlebars and seats and free weight storage behind the seat for easy access during Alex Toussaint's Arms and Intervals classes (always a banger).

The interactive touchscreen has built-in speakers as well as Bluetooth and a 3.5mm headphone jack so you have tons of ways to listen. 

The Peloton Original bike is currently $350 off at Amazon for Cyber Monday 2023. So you can get it for just $1,095 (reduced from $1,445).

$1,095 at Amazon

SuperFit 2-in-1 treadmill: $300 (37% off at Walmart)


With a speed range of 0.6 to 7.5 mph, you can walk or run at your own pace on this SuperFit 2-in-1 treadmill. Stick to a slower pace so you can walk while you work to meet your daily step goals. Then, raise up the handrail for a 5- to 10-minute sprint in between meetings or on your lunch break. 

The multi-purpose treadmill also comes with a built-in media shelf, perfect for holding a tablet or phone. So you'll be able to watch a show or stay tuned into work presentations and zoom meetings during your high intensity cardio sessions. 

One of our favorite Black Friday under desk treadmill deals, Walmart is offering the 2-in-1 treadmill for just $300 (reduced from $479). 

$300 at Walmart

Get a Bowflex Max Trainer elliptical: $999 (save 23%)


This Bowflex Max Trainer M3 series is one of many incredible Bowflex Black Friday deals we found, and you can still shop it on cyber Monday. The 4.5-star-rated Bowflex M3 is smaller in size than many at-home ellipticals, making it a great space saver. It can fit into the corner of a guest room or office if a designated gym space isn't an option in your home or garage.

Max combines the full-body, low-impact action of an elliptical with the power of a stepper, promising an intense calorie burn. Max comes with a magnetic media rack, there for your tablet or smartphone and an interactive backlit display. The multi-grip handles help steady you in motion.

Get the top-rated elliptical on sale for Cyber Monday for just $999 (reduced from $1,299). 

$999 at Amazon

The best extended Black Friday deals on weights and benches

Grab space-saving adjustable weights, top-rated weight benches and more by shopping these Cyber Monday deals and extended Black Friday deals on weights and benches for your home gym.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable weights (pair): $300 at Amazon


With a total of 15 weight settings, this Bowflex SelectTech 552 set replaces 15 sets of single-weight dumbbells. It's no surprise this space-saving pair has earned thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon and continues to be our readers' favorite set of free weights.

Each dumbbell can be adjusted from as low as 5 pounds up to 52.5 pounds. Simply turn a dial on the end to the weight you want and then lift the dumbbell out of its cradle.

A set of two of the 4.8-star rated weights normally costs $429. But this Cyber Monday deal has dropped the price to just $300.

That's $129 off the space-saving adjustable weights that Amazon reviewers call "a game changer." With over 18,700 5-star ratings on Amazon, we clearly aren't the only ones obsessed with these Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. 

If you don't need a pair, you can also save on an individual Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbell. A single adjustable weight is now priced at just $175 (reduced from $215).

$300 at Amazon

Premium adjustable weights: FitRx SmartBell XL ($100 off)


With a weight range of 10 pounds to 90 pounds, this FitRx adjustable weight packs a serious workout in a single dumbbell. The quick-select design lets you choose from 17 different weight plate combinations so this space-saving dumbbell replaces 17 dumbbells in your home gym.

You can get the top-rated adjustable weight during Walmart's Cyber Monday sale for just $150 (reduced from $250). This deal is a great cheaper alternative to the Bowflex SelectTech adjustable weight.

$150 at Walmart

CBS Sports readers' favorite weight bench: Flybird adjustable weight bench (50% off)


Need a weight bench capable of supporting your new weights? Our readers can't get enough of this deal on the 4.5-star-rated Flybird adjustable weight bench. Sturdy and padded, the bench is rated for up to 800 pounds. The adjustable bench can be used for both incline and decline exercises. Then, fold it up and stash it in a closet or corner when you're done.

Regularly priced at $240, this adjustable weight bench is now just $130 at Amazon when you add the coupon at checkout.

$130 at Amazon

Cap Barbell dumbbell set with rack (17% off)


This top-rated set of weights includes five pairs of dumbbells ranging from five pounds up to 25 pounds per dumbbell. All of them fit neatly on the A-shape rack which makes it easy to grab the ones you need and swap out dumbbells for different exercises.

Right now, you can get the 4.6-star rated dumbbell set on Amazon for just $226 (reduced from $270).

$226 at Amazon

The best Cyber Monday sports gear deals

No matter what your sport of choice is, you can save big on all the gear you need to play with Cyber Monday and last-minute Black Friday sports gear deals.

A folding e-bike: Sohamo S3 48V electric bike (30% off)


There are tons of amazing electric bike deals for Cyber Monday, but this is one of our favorites. This Sohamo folding e-bike is a great pick for anyone who's looking for an electric bike they can use to commute to work.

The 750 watt brushless motor can reach a max speed of 20 mph, and the battery has a range of up to 40 miles. After you get to work, you can fold the bike down to about half its size and stash it in a corner. The removable battery can be plugged into a charger wherever you want.

For a no-effort ride, put it in e-bike mode and let the bike do all the work. If you want to get in some exercise on your commute, switch it to either normal pedaled mode (to use it like a standard bike) or pedal-assist, which gives you a little boost from the motor as you pedal.

Walmart dropped the price of this versatile folding e-bike to just $629 (reduced from $899). 

$629 at Walmart

The best Cyber Monday golf deals you can still get

From CBS Sports readers' favorite rangefinder to a premium set of golf clubs, here are the best Cyber Monday golf deals you can still shop, including our favorite Callaway Cyber Monday deals.

Callaway Golf 300 Pro Slope laser rangefinder ($130 off)


Our readers can't get enough of the Callaway Golf 300 Pro Slope Laser Rangefinder, with good reason. This 4.7-star rated range finder is from one of golf's top brands, offering precision slop-adjusted measurements that are accurate to within one yard. Regularly priced at $300, this Amazon best-selling Callaway range finder is just $170 on Amazon for Cyber Monday.

$170 at Amazon

Rapsodo golf launch monitor (40% off)


For the golfer who loves gadgets (and who doesn't) this is a terrific deal on supreme golf tech. The Rapsodo golf launch monitor is the only device to pair an iOS camera with radar processing for precise feedback on a golf swing. This mobile launch monitor features 10 metrics to deliver immediate replay with shot trace technology. Use this monitor as your mobile golf coach to up your game in real time. 

Note: This launch monitor is iOS compatible only. Android users, check out the Garmin Approach golf launch monitor ($580) at Amazon.

You can score this launch monitor at Amazon for $300 (reduced from $500).

$300 at Amazon

Get the Segmart golf rangefinder (Over 70% off)


For golfers looking to improve their game or just take the guesswork out of each shot, the Segmart golf rangefinder is a game-changer (literally). Featuring a 900-yard range, the ability to adjust its calculations for slope and a continuous scan setting, this rangefinder helps you get a precise measurement of the exact distance between you and your next eagle. 

You can get this great gift for golfers at Walmart for $57 (reduced from $200).

$57 at Walmart

The best shoe and apparel Cyber Monday deals still going on

We found top-rated Hoka shoes, premium golf polo shirts and more still on deep discount. Check out our favorite extended Black Friday deals on shoes and apparel.

The comeback shoe of the year: Nike Roshe One (50% off)


After a multiyear hiatus, Nike relaunched the Roshe One this year. It first rose to fame in 2012 for its super comfortable fit and affordable price tag. The lightweight, breathable upper is made from a plush fabric with added cushioning in the collar and an airy, almost weightless foam sole.

It looks like a shoe and acts like a shoe -- but it feels like wearing your favorite pair of socks.

Now that the Roshe One is back on shelves, you can get one of Nike's most in-demand shoes while it's on sale for just $40 (reduced from $75). 

During the Nike Cyber Monday sale, use the code CYBER at checkout to get an extra 25% off, bringing the price of these popular sneakers down to just $40. 

$40 at Nike

Hoka Challenger ATR 6 (22% off)


If you've been putting off replacing your worn-out hiking boots or running shoes, now is your chance to make a serious upgrade at an unbeatable price. One of our favorite Black Friday Hoka deals has to be these Hoka trail running shoes.The Hoka Challenger ATR 6 features breathable upper, impact-absorbing midsole and grippy rubber traction for a stable stride on any terrain. Get a pair at REI for just $108 (reduced from $140).

$108 at REI

Air Jordan XXXVII Low (more than 50% off)


A best seller from Nike on sale for Cyber Monday, the latest from Michael Jordan is all about height and speed. This shoe is available in four colorways. Check availability in your size for the colorway of your choice. 

This shoe features multiple Air units to help get you off the ground and Formula 23 foam to ease your impact. The strong, lightweight upper is designed to mimic the support given by a taped ankle.

This basketball shoe is on sale at Nike for $114 (reduced from $175). And you can get it for even less during the Nike Cyber Monday sale. Use code CYBER at checkout to get an extra 25% off, bringing the price to just $86.

$86 at Nike

Callaway golf polo (50% off)


The favorite golf brand of athletes like Steph Curry, Callaway also makes men's golf shirts that are comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, moisture wicking. These shirts normally don't come cheap, thanks to quality UV protection and other perks -- which is why our heads turned at a 50% off deal.

$30 at Callaway

Looking for even more Cyber Monday deals still going on? Fashion, beautysports fan gearfitness equipmentfurniture, appliances, mattresses, toys – no matter the category, we've found the extended Black Friday deals you're looking for. Plus, we're sharing ways to help you make your dollar work harder during Cyber Week and beyond.

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